Walking Frames & Rollators

Walking frames and rollators offer a little extra support around the home or for short distances, perfect for customers with mobility difficulties who wish to maintain their independent lifestyles.

With our versatile range of fully adjustable frames and rollators, there is something suitable for disabilities, customers and budgets.


Folding frames and rollators offer a little extra help when and where you need it. Their hardwearing aluminium frames are light and strong, allowing them to be tucked away out of sight when not in use, yet also durable enough to rely on when needed. With their various adjustable elements, the frame can be tailored to specific measurements giving you a comfortable and sturdy aid.

2 Wheeled, 3 Wheeled & 4 Wheeled

Wheeled frames offer the user greater support and improved manoeuvrability across a wide range of surfaces. Each have adjustable handles, heights and seats allowing them to be adjusted to the perfect height for the user. Models with 3 & 4 wheels are equipped with brakes and shopping baskets making them the perfect shopping partner