Rise & Recline Chairs & High Seat Chairs

Rise and recline chairs offer the user the luxury of sitting down and standing up with ease and comfort, allowing you to relax in complete comfort, secure in the knowledge that getting up again will be simple.

With a range of classically upholstered chairs with various sized single or dual motors, there is something to suit every disability, home and need.

Single Motor

A standard rise recliner chair works on a single motor operation. This means that as you recline, the foot rest will automatically raise your feet until you are fully reclined or are in your most comfortable position. The chair can also be elevated to a fully raised position, allowing you to stand with ease.

Dual Motor

A dual motor chair performs similarly to the single motor chair, except that the back rest and foot rest can be operated separately. New improved super dual motor chairs such as the Dunster from A J Way offer a tilt in space position and independent control of the back rest and leg rest. The controls can be found on a handset, allowing you to operate the chair from a standing or sitting position.

Made to Measure

We offer a range of bespoke chairs that can be tailored for maximum comfort and personal taste. Any of our sales advisors will be happy to help you consider your requirements, such as your long-term needs, chair size, accessories, pressure care and the environmental factors surrounding your choice.