Powerchairs are essentially electric wheelchairs. Use of these allows customers who cannot walk or stand a greater sense of freedom and independence. As you will be spending a large amount of time in your chair, we ask that you do not make a purchase without guidance and advice from one of our trained advisors. If you have an Occupational Therapist we may ask to liaise with them as well to ensure you get the best possible product for your needs.

Indoor & Travel

Indoor and travel chairs are designed for use within small spaces on smooth, solid surfaces. They feature a small turning circle making them perfect for restaurants, shopping centres and busy pavements. These chairs allow the user greater independence for essential, everyday tasks.

Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor chairs are designed for use indoors and short distances outdoors, giving the user freedom to move around their house and neighbourhood with ease. These chairs have an ability to travel over medium terrain, traverse low curbs, and travel a short to medium distance.


Outdoor chairs may not be suitable for indoor use as their more rugged design allows them to travel over more unstable terrain, such as large kerbs, and travel for longer distances. Their more durable design, by nature, makes them a larger vehicle, making them more unsuitable for small spaces apart from midwheel drive options. We also offer Class III Powerchairs, which can travel up to 8mph on roads.

Prescriptive Build

Many modern powerchairs offer the opportunity to customise nearly every feature, including the width and depth of the seat, the back rest, the leg rest, the arm rest, even options such as electrical tilt or seat rise. With these options and advice from our trained advisors, each customer has the choice to tailor their chair to their individual needs.