Household Kitchen & Dining Aids

Cooking and preparing meals can be a delight, and we believe this pleasure should be available to everyone.

Our range of tools and gadgets allow everyone to enjoy time spent in the kitchen, whether it is eating, cooking or preparing meals. We offer appliances and aids designed to assist nearly every customer to cook and prepare meals for themselves.

Eating Aids

The loss of hand and wrist use can render the use of cutlery nearly impossible, but our range offers large handled or contoured cutlery designed for limited hand or wrist use, or curved cutlery designed for use with one hand. Our team are here to help each customer decide which is best for them.

Cooking Aids

We stock a large range of gadgets designed to make time spent in the kitchen a pleasure again. From stable work stations, to chopping boards with securely attached knives, or even safety peelers, we stock something to help in every situation.

Kitchen Aids

Our range of kitchen aids offers the opportunity for everyone to be self-reliant in the kitchen. Our team will be more than happy to introduce all our new customers to our favourite gadgets, such as kettle tippers which allow the kettle to be poured safely, tap turners that allow taps to be turned on and off with greater ease, and jar and can openers that are a safer and easier option.