Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters can offer anyone with almost any level of disability the freedom to move around their home and neighbourhood without the aid of an attendant. From being able to do their weekly shop or pop to a friend’s house, mobility scooters can give back many people’s independence and sense of adventure.

3-Wheeled Scooters

3-wheeled scooters were developed for people who have trouble bending their legs, having one wheel in the middle allows the user as much room as they need either side. Although the common misconception is that 3 wheels is not as stable as 4 wheels, the difference is not as pronounced as some may think, as the majority of stability is determined by a variety of factors. With our wide range of equipment and helpful advice from our trained sales team you can be sure to make an informed choice.

4-Wheeled Scooters

4-wheeled scooters are more suited to customers at the larger end of the spectrum, although not exclusively. With the correct choice and careful usage no one scooter is more stable than the next. Your size, disability, accommodation and desired usage will determine the type of scooter you require. With our sales advisors on hand to guide you through this decision you can be sure you will purchase the scooter perfect for you.

Class III and Heavy Duty

Class III means road-going scooters, all of which typically feature a larger battery allowing for a faster speed and extended range, front and rear lights, turning signals, hazard warning lights, and rear view mirrors. Class III scooters allow for greater freedom for every disability, although we particularly recommend them for customers with spinal and balance problems as they have a large axle giving greater stability.

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