Bathing Aids

Bathing aids can allow everybody the opportunity to bathe in privacy, safe in the knowledge that support is there if they need it.

These unobtrusive aids can make bathing a safe and easy process, whether it is rails, bath boards, steps or lifts that are needed our expert advisors can offer guidance when choosing the right aids for the home.

Bath Boards

Lowering into or lifting out of the bath is not easy for everyone, which is why we offer a large range of aids to assist those who are unable or just a little unsteady in the bathroom. Bath boards offer people a chance to ease themselves into the bath or wash themselves in a more comfortable position.


If stepping into the bath is becoming a difficulty, the use of a bath step gives extra assistance helping hand when entering or exiting the bath. These unobtrusive steps are strong and reliable, offering the user a solid investment at a reasonable price.

Bath Lifts

Bath lifts give those who are unable to lift their legs over the sides of the bath the opportunity to easily get into and out of a relaxing bath. Our large variety of rails offers varying levels of support. We offer a wide range, including supportive or non supportive lifts or lifts that allow the user to be as low as possible.


Our large variety of rails offers varying levels of support for our customers depending on their individual requirements. We offer rails that can be fitted around the majority of the bath, from small hand rails fitted to the inside of the bath, or rails that can be fixed to the floor in order to give stronger support, or rails that can be fixed to the taps and offer support whilst in the bath.